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Column Radiators

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Column radiators are a classic heating solution that combines traditional design with modern efficiency. Characterised by their vertical columns, these radiators are designed to maximise heat output while adding a touch of traditional elegance to any room. They fit seamlessly into both contemporary and period style homes, and are available in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Choosing column radiators is a smart decision for several reasons. Firstly, they offer excellent heat retention and distribution, ensuring your space stays warm and comfortable. The different column options allows for greater flexibility in installation, whether in narrow spaces or larger areas. Smaller rooms would benefit from our 2 column radiators as they have a slim profile that doesn't protrude far into the room whilst larger rooms would work great with our range of 4 column radiators which provide a higher heat output thanks to their larger surface area.

Frequently Asked Questions About Column Radiators

At HomeSupply, we provide top quality column radiators from leading brands such as Apollo, Eastbrook, and Reina. Each one of these brands is renowned for its durability, designs, and performance, ensuring you find the perfect radiator to suit your needs. If you are struggling on which radiator to pick, we have answered some common questions below.

What are the benefits of column radiators?

Column radiators are efficient and provide excellent heat outputs. Their design allows for more surface area to radiate heat, making them ideal for heating all rooms. Larger rooms or spaces with high ceilings with benefit from column radiators with 4 or 6 columns. They also add a stylish and traditional touch to any interior.

How do I choose the right size column radiator?

The size of your radiator should be determined by the BTU (British Thermal Unit) requirements of your room. Factors like room size, insulation quality, and the number of external walls influence the BTU needed. It's advisable to use a BTU calculator to ensure you select the correct radiator for optimal heating. Click here for our Radiator Size/Output Calculator.

Are column radiators more efficient than panel radiators?

Column radiators can be more efficient in certain settings thanks to their larger surface area, which allows them to heat up quickly and maintain warmth for longer periods of time. Once you've turned off the central heating system, column radiators will continue to keep the space warm.

Can I install column radiators myself?

We recommend to hire a professional plumber for any radiator installations, especially if pipework needs to be adjusted. Ensuring proper installation will maximise efficiency and longevity of your radiator. In addition to this certain brands may require the item is installed by a certified plumber for the warranty to be valid.

What maintenance do column radiators require?

Regular maintenance of a column radiator includes bleeding it annually to remove trapped air and ensure the highest heat outputs are achieved. Checking for any leaks or unusual noises should be carried out often. In case of significant issues like sludge build-up, professional cleaning of the radiator or heating system might be necessary.

Are there different styles of column radiators?

Yes, column radiators come in traditional and contemporary designs and styles. Apollo radiators offer the Monza range which has a contemporary design, the traditional Roma range available in horizontal or vertical orientation and Roma with Feet range which brings a Victorian touch to your space. Column radiators are typically painted in anthracite, black or white however, finishes like raw metal or bronze can also be purchased from Homesupply. In addition to the standard finishes available, Apollo also offer a custom painting service which allows you to select the finish of your bespoke column radiator.

Are radiator valves included with column radiators?

Radiator valves are not included with radiators due to the wide range of options available. Your installer will determine whether angled or corner valves are needed for your column radiators. Once this is established, you can decide between manual valves, which require manual operation, or TRV valves, which adjust water flow based on room temperature. Lastly, you can choose to match the radiator and valve finish or go for a contrasting option instead.

These insights should help you make an informed decision when purchasing column radiators. For more information or personalised assistance, feel free to contact our expert team.

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