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Mixer Shower Valves

Mixer Showers, as the name suggests, blend hot and cold water supplies to provide temperature controlled warm water for showering.

Most mixer shower valves are thermostatic, meaning they will maintain the water temperature even if the hot or cold supply is used elsewhere in the house.

There are three main types of mixer shower - Bar Valves are fixed onto the wall with hot and cold feed entering at the back. There are two controls, one at either end of the valve which allow choice of temperature and flow.

Recessed Mixer Valves are concealed within the wall, giving a built-in appearance. They are generally covered by a face plate with just the temperature and flow controls protruding.

Exposed Shower Valves are surface mount versions of recessed valves and are generally easier to install. There are a number of shower valves which are supplied as concealed or exposed in one box.

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