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Power Shower and Water Pumps

If your home suffers from low water pressure, a standard shower valve often fails to provide a powerful and invigorating flow of water. A power shower or shower pump may be the answer.

There are two main types of power shower, the easiest is the 'all-in-one' solution such as those produced by Bristan which can be viewed in the category below. This type boosts water pressure and provides a mixing valve in a single 'box'. This approach provides a fairly simple solution to gaining a power shower but does not allow for choice of shower valve and requires the pump/valve box to be installed on the wall in a similar fashion to standard electric showers.

A more sophisticated approach is to add a booster pump to your water system, thereby providing suitable water pressure to run a choice of stylish shower valves. This method is generally more expensive but generally provides better results in terms of appearance and noise levels, especially if the hot water storge tank is located away from the bathroom.

We have a large range of shower pumps to choose from including single and twin impeller models and negative head pumps.

In both cases it is important to understand the requirements of the pump and whether it is suitable for your particular needs prior to purchasing.

Aqualisa Shower Pumps

Aqualisa Shower Pumps

The powerful Mach range of pumps are made exclusively for Aqualisa by Stuart Turner and have been designed to provide just the right amount of oomph to your shower, no matter what your requirements are.

Stuart Turner Water Pumps

Stuart Turner Water Pumps

A variety of twin and single shower pumps to improve your existing flow of hot and cold water supply.
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